Our Activities

We believe that activities are more than just ways of passing the time of day. They should entertain, stimulate and promote a sense of belonging and being part of a family.

By getting to know each resident’s likes and dislikes, we can often tailor activities to their particular tastes.

For those with dementia, suitable activities can be of great benefit: they can help the individual retain their faculties, preserve their sense of identity, and alleviate the stresses and boredom that can result from having dementia.

Our activities co-ordinator, Heather, puts together a varied year-round programme of events designed to make our residents’ lives more fulfilled and enjoyable. A selection of recent activities includes:

Home baking
Gentle exercise

 Group crossword sessions
Professional entertainers

Animal therapy
Handicraft sessions

We also have strong ties with groups, charities and schools in the area, holding fundraising events such as coffee mornings for charity.

Many of these activities together with the dates of future events are reported on our Facebook page. We actively encourage family and friends to visit, join in activities and be part of our life at Hillcrest.

We also have an iPad that residents can use to access the internet, and we have set up a dedicated e-mail address so that relatives who live some distance away can write here.

We believe our wide range of social activities really makes a difference to residential life at Hillcrest and we are always open to suggestions for new things to do or places to visit.